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Carrot was named an A-List partner by Tumblr in 2012 when they debuted their program. Along with a short list of agencies, theme specialists and technology providers, we have access to unparalleled resources such as the blogging platform’s API team and firehose of data. Tumblr’s open-ended design and content proliferation tendencies allow brands the opportunity for nuanced, visually-driven storytelling; by "reblogging" consumers can take this content and make it their own - lending the full weight of their blog to the original message, rather than being counted anonymously in a mass of "likes." The creative implications of this combination are vast while the earned media impact is exponential.

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At SXSW '14, HP Aurasma named 11 digital agencies, including Carrot, as preferred partners, recognizing innovative work in the mobile and augmented reality (AR) market. Carrot was included in the initial group, in conjunction with the technology’s 3.0 launch, because of our success with Jaguar and GQ’s Live Issue. For this, we created a highly-engaging digital experience in which a car roared through the page and directed fans to Facebook; the ad was amongst GQ’s top five in terms of engagement in the September issue. Watch video about Aurasma’s technology and partners here.

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Heroku is a polyglot cloud application platform that Carrot uses to host brand projects. The tool supports Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Java, allowing us to use multiple languages to build and deploy apps. As a priority partner, we have access to added support and custom packages to offer the brands we build for.


Our dedicated analytics team utilizes NetBase’s offerings across all clients, drawing from real-time, quantitative data to provide intelligence related to campaign and content performance. As a partner, Carrot has access to platform advisors and is called upon to beta test new functionalities ahead of release for the social listening solution.