A new occasion for a classic
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Client: Jagermeister

A new occasion for a classic

Carrot led an influencer campaign to bring Jagermeister into consideration across a spectrum of meaningful moments.


Influencer Strategy, Art Direction, Production, Community Management

Reframing the customer journey

Over time, Jagermeister had come to be known as a shot for the end of the night—a limited window for the brand to build a meaningful interaction. It needed to inspire a reappraisal of the brand. Carrot helped craft that narrative.

Finding the right array of voices to tell a new story

Carrot sourced influencers that covered a wide canvas of culture, from outdoor adventures to eye-opening world travel. This allowed the brand to learn about what topics and styles resonate with their target.
  • @johnnylace

  • @willnichols

  • @bradromano

Celebrating arrivals

Jagermeister isn’t just about closing down the bar, it’s about celebrating your arrival. Influencers captured content that showed Jagermeister as the toast of new beginnings.

Bucking the trend of lowered engagement for influencer content

Sponsored posts can often underperform relative to an influencer’s content. Our Instagram posts did the complete opposite, with 40% of them actually outperforming the individuals’ median engagement rate.
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