The Challenge

How does Carrot help the major Swedish multi-national clothing company, H&M, leverage their presence at the annual Coachella music festival in Indio, California?

The Idea

Carrot, in collaboration with VICE Media, set out to digitalize and socialize H&M's on-site tent activation at Coachella to showcase and celebrate their rich involvement in social, music (globally) and festival fashion. Carrot served as a live real-time marketing content production house, targeting not only attendees at the festival, but also those who wanted to take a peek at the latest emerging (and exclusive!) spring and summer fashion trends.

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The Details

An experiential tent was built from the ground up to include a digital runway, live DJs, hair stylists, makeup artists, accessories and festival fashion outfits.

How it worked: Fashion-lovers flocked to the tent from all over the festival to get made over, pick their outfit of choice and strike a pose on the digital runway. After dropping to the beat down the runway, participants were prompted to share their content with their social channels through a series of animated GIFs and photos.

Through a customized H&M Loves Music Tumblr channel and H&M owned social channels, pre, during and post festival content was shared through the lens of combining music and fashion to highlight top celebs, fashion highlights, bands and music straight from the Coachella grounds.

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The Results

The on-site activation and social support drove over 30 million impressions across social in only a few days, also pulling in mentions from notable pop celebs and partners such as Emmy Rossum, Iggy Azalea, Kilo Kish, W and Cosmopolitan magazine. It was among the top brands mentioned across the entire festival.

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