Forking the biggest sporting event of the year
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Client: DEVOUR

Forking the biggest sporting event of the year

Rewriting the playbook for marketing during the big game.


Strategy, Creative, Experiential, Video Production, Social

Disrupt the Big Game

DEVOUR Frozen Meals came to Carrot looking to hijack 2017 Super Bowl conversation in a provocative way that would enable them to become a household name, synonymous with mouthwatering frozen foods.

Super Bowl Truth

Advertising around the big game has become so popular that people who used to dream of being the quarterback, now dream of starring in one of the commercials. DEVOUR Frozen Meals and Carrot gave guys the opportunity to get in the game.

DEVOUR Bowl Talent Search

DEVOUR held a nationwide talent search, inviting regular guys to strut their stuff in outrageous auditions. The best of the bunch was awarded a $100k contract. The rest had their hilarious performances showcased as digital content at the hub.

Food You Want to Fork

After auditioning more than 800 contestants in New York, Houston and Los Angeles, Carrot produced a library of outlandish best-of videos as well as an over the top television commercial featuring DEVOUR’s bold and shameless new star. The commercial aired during the halftime of the big game… but on the AMC Network during the Zombie Bowl.

The Whole 9 Yards

By throwing out the traditional marketing playbook, Carrot helped DEVOUR intercept the hype of big budget Super Bowl marketing and rush the end zone with a super bold activation to become champions of the frozen meal market.

And The Crowd Goes Wild

From network news coverage of our casting events to tremendous online buzz for our behind-the-scenes content to having our broadcast spot featured alongside the best Super Bowl ads of the year in YouTube’s AdBlitz gallery, Carrot scored a big win for DEVOUR.