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Yunzhe joins us as a strategy intern from the University of Virginia.

"What's your major?"


After my answer, the interviewer's voice would always trail off into a "oh that's interesting...." or they would murmur a sympathetic oh-you'll-never-find-a-job.

I used to hurriedly explain my choices, as if apologizing: I would explain how I went from pre-medicine to pre-commerce to economics to drawing to philosophy to my favorite so far, anthropology. But I don't do that anymore. Even though I would've majored in global developmental studies or architecture if I had the chance to do it over again, I'm proud of the diverse courses I've experienced ...even if it meant ending up accidentally taking three statistics-related classes.

You can't judge someone, or form a rigid opinion about their future or career stability, before getting to know that person. My college roommate is an English major, awful dancer but amazing Zumba instructor, and an inspiration on Grounds (wahoowa) not because of her poetic tendencies, but because of her actions. And, a very special guy looks super intimidating on the outside, but on the inside enjoys doing drama exercises, cooking in his spare time and can write intricately thoughtful book analyses like no other.

Everyone has their own pasts, dreams and stories to be told to someone who takes the time to stop, listen and understand, especially here in New York. Whether it is the smiling guy at the halal food truck, the ragged man with his dog holding a sign, the banker with his hair slicked sideways, or the woman who seems perfectly poised... all of them have a story deeper inside them of where they came from, how they got here and what they are going through now.

Part of this I learned through my "useless" psychology classes; part comes from my own experiences in Yorktown (the place no one really knows ----even with hints of the George Washington, Cornwallis and the Revolutionary war); part comes from the people around me. I've been lucky to have met some amazing people along the way, including one of my favorite people Gary V. who later introduced me to Ryan Mack (who is also slowly becoming a favorite), and now I'm slowly, but surely, getting to know all the incredibly diverse and eclectic people here at Carrot.

As Amanda would approve: to be a strategist is to not only understand people, but to see the amazing goodness in others.