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Tom joins our Dubai team as a Strategist and resident Brit. Welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @tomhbird

Just two days before my first day at the Middle Eastern outpost of Carrot Creative, I was completing my last day at my previous job. I was standing on the pit wall of Yas Marina Circuit in the UAE's capital Abu Dhabi for the final round of the Maserati Trofeo Middle East. As the twelve Italian V8 thoroughbred race cars thundered their way around the Formula One track, I contemplated my latest move into the great unknown.

The past decade has been filled with petrol, tire smoke and a great deal of exhaust noise. I've been a web monkey, news hound, road test dog, editor gorilla and PR unicorn – all within the great and disparate world of automotive awesomeness. My work allowed me to travel East and West to visit motorshows and factories, drive on some of the greatest roads in Europe in supercharged SUVs and fuel-sipping city cars (and plenty else besides), blast through deserts in the world's fastest and most expensive cars and write an absolute stack of copy for websites, magazines and newspapers.

My final eighteen months had seen me cross over to the dark side and saw me represent some fantastic brands both through traditional and social media channels. I gained an appreciation for the fair automobile from a different perspective, and how a brand creates a real connection with people.

It's that connection, that relationship, that feeling, that buzz which a hunk of metal, rubber and hydrocarbons can evoke with people that excites me now. But it's not just cars that stir people's souls and imaginations – you've only got to look at the hoardes of Apple fanboys out there (guilty as charged) who go all doey-eyed over a hunk of electronics wrapped up in a svelte case to see that we humans are simple creatures after all.

Social media is a platform that can really help craft and develop that affinity between a brand and the end user. It's a real leveller that exists without boundaries and with the right knowledge and understanding behind the message, can be hugely effective.

And it's the bunch of peeps within the Carrot family who I believe are in a seriously strong position to best achieve this. With the first move out of Brooklyn being into unchartered waters in the UAE, I couldn't think of a better company to hone my skills with.

As the token Brit within the company, all that's left for me to do now is introduce the guys to some proper English comedy and instill some new traditions such as afternoon tea and crumpets. Cheers!