The Carrot Blog

Good developers are hard to come by... especially right now. As brands, agencies and companies embrace the power of technology, more and more people are hiring in-house talent, putting developers in high demand. That's why when Tom Milewski popped up in our Careers inbox, I scrambled to get him to move from Philadelphia to Brooklyn to join Carrot.

His understanding of web development, stellar qualifications and social-media expertise made him a perfect fit as the newest member of the Carrot team. Tom's technical skills range from digital asset management, to greenbuilding, but most of his dexterity lies in Ruby on Rails and PHP.

He's an avid music lover (again, another reason he seriously needed to move from Philly to New York) and encourages anybody with concert suggestions to ping him on Twitter @ tmilewski. Welcome to the team Tom. Get ready to roll up your sleeves.