The Carrot Blog

Judy Fraser is one of the strongest willed, firm yet loving women I know. She’s successfully raised four children, mostly on her own while advancing her career. Judy is a role model, an amazing woman and motherly figure to many--including me!

Growing up, she encouraged us to be ferociously independent and in her words, “go with our gut.” It was not until about 11 months ago when this sentiment truly struck me. I’d just started a new job, which I was thrilled about until my 1st week. After a few days in, I called my mom in tears, “This was a bad decision. I mean, it’s a good one but a bad one and I cannot stay here.” She calmly talked me down from the “I’m going to quit” ledge by playing devil's advocate but ultimately ended the conversation with her signature statement.

With my mom’s blessing and my solutions orientated attitude, I started applying for new jobs. Applications turned into phone interviews, which lead to in person interviews, and some job offers. However, nothing ever felt right. My gut was telling me not to move forward. What I soon realized was that I wasn’t looking for a job. Jobs are cool. You do some work that’s kind of fun, get some perks and collect a paycheck. I had a job. I didn’t want a job. My gut was telling me that I wanted a career path, and a place to call home. So I stopped the job search.

Several months later, over dim sum and work talk, a former coworker told me to look at Carrot’s website since they were hiring a producer. I immediately became giddy and nervous. Since the beginning of my career, Carrot Creative was on my radar. The work, the people, the culture, the attitude, all of it was something I lusted after for years. Carrot was my career crush and within a few days, I was finally going to take the plunge and apply.

To this day, I remember where I was when I got my first outreach email to talk to the Carrot team. I was in a car, stuck in New Jersey traffic listening to Mariah Carey with my best friend, heading upstate for The 4th of July to visit my mom. When I told her about the email, showed her the website and giggled excitedly, she looked at me with an inquisitive face before asking, “What does your gut tell you?” In which I replied, “This is where I should be. This would be home.”

Six weeks in, I can confidently confirm that Carrot Creative is exactly that - I’m home.