The Carrot Blog

Sean is Carrot's first remote developer, and the youngest person at Carrot; ever. He's currently in Wisconsin and will begin relocating to NYC this summer.

I discovered Carrot by accident during my senior year of high school. At the time, I wasn't looking for a job; I was far too busy with FRC, freelance website design, authoring my first book, and (of course) school work. Instead, I stumbled upon one of Carrot's open-source projects - roots - and slowly began contributing while I used it for my own projects.

After nearly a year of continuous contributions, I got to know Jeff & Kyle and became very interested in Carrot, especially once I found out that Jeff was developing roots as a full-time job - something I had been doing as a hobby just because I enjoyed it. I became one of the main developers of roots, and was then offered a job at Carrot because of it.

I have since graduated high school and was attending MSOE for a degree in Software Engineering. However, the introductory-level Java courses (that I wasn't allowed to test out of) were horribly boring since I already had 4 years of experience in programming. By my 2nd semester, the courses weren't getting any better and even the junior/senior-level classes that I sat in on were pretty rudimentary. So, I decided to drop out of college and take up the job offer from Carrot in hopes of finding a real challenge.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed: After being flown out to NYC to visit Carrot HQ in DUMBO, I found exactly the kind of change I was looking for. I was greeted by a group of passionate developers who were as excited about their work as I am. Over the three days I spent hanging out at their office, I fell in love with their culture, openness and sense of community.