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_Scott joins us as a Production Manager in our Dubai office. Welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @swells__

A little over two years ago, I flew to Austin, TX for my first trip to SXSW Interactive. After three full days of surrounding myself with the two things I'm most passionate about: learning and meeting new people, my brain swelled beyond capacity with new ideas and names. Needing to round things out, I went in search of a couple beers and a good party (my 3rd passion). I eventually found myself at one of the legendary SXSW after-parties going beer-for-beer with a guy by the name of Mike Germano.

Unbeknownst to me, Mike was the CEO and co-founder of Carrot Creative, an agency I had admired for some time. Since starting my career in the advertising world, I had kept close watch on competing agencies and Carrot had certainly stood out from the crowd. Carrot's strategy and branding was particularly impressive. They've purposefully honed in on social, took on clients and projects that only made sense for them, and developed a unique brand through (yes, their logo and theme), but also, the way they talk online, present themselves at industry events, and carry the Carrot flag in person. Carrot had succeeded where many agencies fail. If you're going to be a marketing company, you need to be able to market yourselves first.

Over the next two years, Mike and I (as well as Bobby and Chris) had stayed in touch through my tenure at the agency, and eventual departure to co-found FashionForward, a digital marketing event in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, Carrot was growing fast and looking to expand. And not just anywhere, but to Dubai, looking to launch an office taking on the MENA (Middle East, Northern Africa) region. When it came down to them asking me to carry the Carrot flag, I had to say yes.

I'm glad I did. Here I am in sunny Dubai, getting to work for the best social media agency in the world, helping to start their first international office working on some of the biggest projects in the region. I had also joined a group of people that were second-to-none in their field including a VP and Director at different startups, a manager who launched Disney's social media presence, and a former agency founder who had searched high and low before eventually calling Carrot his home.

The magnitude of what we're trying to accomplish is no doubt challenging and certainly very exciting. But beyond the long-term goals, I get to interact with an amazingly talented and intelligent team, build and create innovation in social, and learn from a news feed much better than Twitter–the Carrot internal email chain. From Brooklyn to Dubai and beyond, I'm proud to carry the Carrot flag.