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Sarah joins us as an account supervisor from Canvas where she was the director of strategy.

"Oh, where did YOU come from?" Now, imagine that in a really nice, no, really I'm genuinely interested, where are you from, let's talk and be friends kind of way. That's the difference between Carrot and other places. Starting with my first phone interview with Alexis, I was dead-set on trying to figure out what the company was all about. I think what surprised me, and simultaneously attracted me, was the fact that everything I had seen on Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor and the website was ::gasp:: TRUE! It isn't bullshit. That's also when I realized that I've grown accustomed to bullshit, and expecting it around every corner. But, as Zappos CEO Tony Hseih has said, "Your brand is your culture;" and Carrot epitomizes that. ::deep breath:: And, it's truly refreshing — like a tall glass of water, a fresh slice of watermelon, and a kitten and a puppy embracing all mixed together.

Plus, I can't think of any other place where I was offered a mimosa just before my second interview. I couldn't tell if it was a trick or a set up. Thinking, "screw it, let's do it!" I gladly accepted, only to find out later that the founder/CEO, Mike was the person playing bartender, grinning ear to ear and celebrating becoming part of the VICE family. The excitement, creativity and delight in the hearts of the Carrot team is contagious; I welcomed it with open arms.

Having just left another agency after more than 3 years, I was undoubtedly nervous to start at a new place; but, after only one week here, I'm already finding my groove, getting to know people and jumping into things left and right. I am lucky, thankful and extremely excited to be part of the adventures of Carrot Creative.