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Sam Shepherd is an Art Director student at Miami Ad School interning for Carrot Creative this quarter. Follow him on Twitter at @samtheshep.

I should not be allowed to do this.

Interns are pixel pushers. Coconut water fetchers. Sweaty, nervous, life-sized stress balls. They search 2 weeks to find the stock image the Creative Director wants for his nephew's book report. You know, the one of the grandpa in a space suit hugging a cactus. In 900 dpi resolution.

Interns don't get to introduce themselves on the company blog their first week at the office. Especially not if they're an art director (I blacked out twice just trying to open WordPress).

Don't get me wrong—as an Ad School student, I've come to expect incredibly unique agency experiences. While working as an intern at Saatchi & Saatchi in Moscow, I made best friends with Russian customs officers after I was denied 8 times trying to leave the country (it doesn't help having everything stolen), wore a gas mask at the office when the city was covered in Chernobyl forest fire smoke, and drank vodka that left my chest hair looking like a steel wool brillo pad.

While interning at Ogilvy in Brazil, I got lost at a 3 day music festival not knowing a lick of Portuguese. I got the opportunity to smell Ronaldo's armpits from my office desk. I ate enough steak sandwiches on the beach to make a Longhorn Steakhouse chef consider veganism.

But now, I have different kinds of expectations at Carrot Creative. Expectations to work my tail off for something that I believe in, to learn from some of the smartest people I have ever met, and to actually contribute at the most innovative and exciting digital agency on the planet.

Today is my fifth day on the job. I was just ordered to graffiti Carrot Creative logos on every rooftop in Brooklyn. Life couldn't be better.