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Exposition: Back in good ol’ Chicago, my bestie4lyfe, Lauren, told me there was an opening at Carrot for an Art Director (the first art director position at Carrot, EVER.). I had already heard magical things about this agency before she joined: awesome culture, great clients, a lot of food, rainbows, unicorns, and gold. Holding a, “too good to be true” attitude, I applied and thought, “Why the hell not, Priyanka? Just give it a shot, Priyanka” (I talk to myself in third person often). Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by Nina.

My heart skipped a beat. “Priyanka, could you really be going back to the east coast again? Are you prepared to leave deep dish pizza? Are you prepared to be surrounded by god awful Nets fans and to be able to defend the Bulls? Do you have to run into all your old friends from New Jersey that you have been avoiding for years because they, “tualk like dis?”” After an interview and a couple of conversations with the team, I got the hire and the hand wave to come on over to Brooklyn to start my new life. I had to pack up, say goodbye to everyone, and hop on a plane within a matter of weeks. I was skeptical of what I had just agreed to, without visiting the agency or even seriously thinking through a big decision to move to a different city.

Rising Action: I arrived in the city on a Thursday night. On Friday afternoon (Halloween Day), bestie4lyfe invited me to a lunch with the Creative Team. I met the CCO, a piece of cheddar cheese, the Creative Director, Filbert Turtle, the Copywriter, a disco ball, and bestie4lyfe, a house of cards. It was a classic meet-cute. These darlings had me blushing.

Climax: The next day was my first day of work. Still skeptical of what I agreed to, I walked around pretending to be totally at peace and using my low voice whilst freaking out internally with a high-pitched voice. I was at ease when I spoke to this hot bombshell, Nina, who was super welcoming. I thought, “Priyanka, she has to be nice. It’s her job, duh.” But then, I met person after person. Everyone was so nice--what the hell? The place was beautiful and surrounded by a view of the bridge--what the hell? Cute dogs are welcome here--what the hell? There’s so much good food in the kitchen--what the hell? People are actually passionate about the work they do--what-the-HELL? This place was KICK-BUTT-BABY-CAKES.

Falling Action: I was thrown into work soon after and got to start on exciting accounts such as GrubHub and Caress. It was so nice to witness teams that have complete dedication and collaboration (something that is surprisingly really hard to find in egomaniac agencies these days). Solidarity is evident here. For instance, it hasn’t even been four weeks and the GrubHub team already shares a romantic song: “Club Going Up on a Tuesday” by the classic musicians, Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

Resolution: HOPE THERE ISN’T ONE. See what I did there?

Priyanka joins us from VML as our new Art Director