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Subject: greetings

‘greetings peter. never thanked you for your holiday card. we have a need for account directors, wanna come in and talk?’

I, like everyone else, can sometimes suffer from inbox malaise. Bogged down by the daily notes from lists you are not sure you really ever subscribed to, reminders of upcoming family obligations or a notification of your new and totally amazing twitter follower –it’s amazing to think I get excited about anything that hits my GMail inbox anymore. However, this simple question posed by my friend and former colleague Ryan grabbed me. I have seen many other people I know come to Carrot and beam about doing the best work they have ever done, and about how amazing the culture is. I had to come see it for myself.

Having spent time at a few different agencies, I could tell the first time I met with Adam and Alexis that the things I had heard about Carrot were the real deal. Carrot is an agency fueled by creativity, commitment to the work and, more importantly, its people. You don’t just get a job at Carrot; the six months from my first interview to the offer makes that clear to me. It’s a commitment to everything they have built and the make sure you are the right person to help make it better. It’s clear to me that they aren’t interested in hiring Account Directors, Developers or any other title that makes up ‘an agency.’ They are looking for people to join in their adventure with them to help build something special.

I have been at Carrot for a little bit over a month now and I can confirm that it is like no place I have ever worked before. The enthusiasm that you find every day is contagious and the commitment to the work and collaboration is enormously refreshing. In a business where getting a reaction is everything and keeping someone’s attention is key, I am enormously glad I didn’t let an amazing opportunity pass me by. The future of a new job has never felt this exciting, and I can’t wait to see what this fantastic group of Carrot’s accomplish next.