The Carrot Blog

A funny thing about HR is that it kind of gets a bad rap. Like recruiting– anyone who has had a bad experience will forever remain a hater. The truth is, as someone with a recruiting background, I was always confused by the scowls I received when I shared that I helped people find jobs for a living. Finding the perfect job for the perfect person really is like the art of matchmaking. It requires a sense of timing as well as an understanding of details that can only be gained by a keen ear, paired with an ungodly love of relationships and optimism.

As for being in HR, I know it stands for Human Resources; but, for me, it’s more like Human Relationships. I get to spend my days trying to figure out ways to maintain a group of people’s happiness while creating new and inventive ways to build upon an environment that not only breeds incredible ideas, but also encourages the drive and ambition that I believe is Carrot. It’s pretty awesome!

One of my favorite things to share with people, that I often find they forget, is that in order for people to be truly great at what they do long term, they ultimately have to be happy– or at least be in a space that fosters happiness– and that’s where HR comes in.

Similar to matchmaking, it’s a lot of listening and really coming from a place of wanting what’s best for the individual, as well as what’s best for a community. As things change, whether it’s time, space or people, what happy is also evolves. We are creatures that grow and innately want to build. That’s what I get to do here. Having the ability to have that kind of impact for the greater good is what drives me every morning. It’s having something bigger than me to nurture and be of service to; for that, I’m so super grateful. So, thanks y’all.

On that note, I leave you to ask yourself two things:

  1. What is it that drives you?
  2. How is Carrot a part of that adventure?

And lastly, how can I be helpful to you?