The Carrot Blog

There are 4 things that I look for in the companies I choose to work with: passion, creativity, drive, and balance. And Carrot's got 'em all in spades. From my first interview to my first day, every interaction I had with the Carrot staff left me excited, inspired, and wanting more. What I am most impressed with at Carrot is how the 4 attributes above gel cohesively in a corporate culture that is protected loyally by the founders and staff of the agency. Working here doesn't feel like work – more like somewhere between "fun" and a "movement". Carrot sets the cutting edge of social and new media every day while maintaining a "family" feel. Now who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

I'm thrilled to be joining Carrot in the strategy department where I'll be leveraging my social, digital, and online marketing background to develop and implement social media strategies for a number of our universally fantastic clients. I'll be looking to deliver imaginative, integrated social strategies with a focus on business metrics and reporting so that campaigns demonstrate value throughout their lifecycle. I'm a big fan of combining creativity with metrics, which no doubt stems from my constantly curious yet analytic background...

  • Double major in philosophy and economics from Connecticut College (aka: "is there such a thing as right and wrong, and, can I measure it?"
  • Account manager at interactive agency for major franchise brands (aka: "franchises account for 20% of all US sales – so how can imagination and data help a client stand out?")
  • Founder of digital/social media consulting practice for online consumer brands (aka "understand my customers better than I do by delivering insight through social mining, and help me create experiences that my customers will love.")
  • Marketing manager at industry-leading SocialCRM company (aka: "brand and market a product that's never existed before and justify your methods by tying it back to sales.")

I'll thrilled to be a new Carrot and I can't wait to see what we come up with next!