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Miki joins Carrot as a digital production designer; she was previously a graphic designer at Thomson Reuters.

Who knew my career would change from a Radio Personality/TV Reporter in Japan to a Graphic Designer in America?

Not me! My plan to come to America was simple: learn English and go back home in two years. Here I am, after over 10 years, and I am still living in America and planning to spend my entire life here.

Life has been nothing but unexpected for me. I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and acquired a teacher's license. I was once asked to be the Master of Ceremonies at a college event, which inexplicably, became my career. No one expected that I would make this type of work my career, especially my parents.

While in Japan, I found myself doing a variety of multi-media assignments: music, sports, talk and many more types of programs. I realized English would be a very valuable skill to have if I would like to continue in Media. I decided to quit my job and go to America. Most of my friends and family in Japan thought this was a very surprising thing to do. After all, I had a job that provided good income and a great reputation. They wondered what more I could possibly want. For me, the answer was easy: money and reputation weren't enough to make me happy.

Of course, it would have been easy to stick with the career that I had built in Japan. My life was very comfortable, but I didn't realize just how hard it would be to come to America alone. I didn't know anybody here, but even more challenging was that I knew zero English! I have never been more alone in my life and it was very tough. What I found, though, was that this time period made me much stronger. Being alone and learning a new language, was daunting. I found myself drawn to using the computer more intensively than I ever had before. The computer language is universal, so I didn't feel as alone. This time gave me valuable skills that I use to this day. If I hadn't had that that challenge, maybe I wouldn't be a graphic designer now.

When I got the offer to work with Carrot, I knew that it was an opportunity I needed to take. I love Carrot's design sense, style and their client list includes my favorite companies.

Now, a month later, my decision to come to Carrot has proven to be the right one. One of my most important considerations, when choosing where to work, is the people. It's very important for me to work with creative people who are also happy and positive. My design team here at Carrot is highly creative, but more than that, made up of very nice and pleasant people. There's no doubt that I can learn, grow and hopefully share a lot with them too. I'm very excited about my future with this great group of people.

No matter what the future brings, I can be confident of one thing: I will be doing something that I enjoy and be very happy to be doing it.