The Carrot Blog

“THIS IS HER!” Emily announced to every single person on my first, second, and third day at Carrot. Alas, a second member to the one-woman media team. I couldn’t have been more excited about the overwhelmingly warm welcome. From my first interview with Ryan, to this very moment—Monica sitting next to me, telling me that my uninspiring name inspired her creative campaign—it’s been a series of interactions, each making me feel immediately comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

That’s the balance you look for in the perfect job, right? The ability to feel confident in the things you already know and feel challenged in the things you don’t know yet. I came from a previous job that felt stale, like I had already plateaued after just one and a half short years. But here, I jumped into a strong but mighty duo that takes on the “hustle, team, adventure” attitude in full force with any media ask that comes our way.

Next step: bring on new members to the media team. We already have Michelle and Emily, the M. and the E. in MEDIA. We’re just missing our D.I.A, maybe David, Ingrid and Anna? (actual names TBD) See you guys soon!