The Carrot Blog

The first time I stepped foot into Carrot headquarters was the last time I ever wore a suit jacket.

It was May of my senior year. With graduation season on its way, I had finally begun to accept the fact that college life was not real life, and that real life was rapidly approaching. I had accrued my fair share of work experience throughout school, spending time at big agencies, small agencies, start-ups and non-profits. I had lived amongst the working masses in New York City for several years, and through it all, I’d figured out exactly what full-time professional life entailed. I was sure of it.

I arrived at 45 Main Street, a fully presentable grownup. Suit jacket, dress shoes, shirt tucked in, resume in hand– I was ready to go. I was prepared to walk into the 11th floor penthouse, greet my superiors with a firm handshake, and discuss my past work experience using words like “conscientious,” “self-motivated” and “furthermore.” These were my last thoughts before I entered the office.

I walked in and was immediately greeted by Jadeveon Clowney, whose unmistakable face was projected upon the monitors opposite the front desk. Scanning the room, I couldn’t believe what I saw: Hockey jerseys emblazoned with Carrot logos hung from the ceiling. Posters of Bill Murray, George Lucas, David Bowie and Steve Jobs dressed in full civil war garb stared at me from across the room. Somebody strolled by me holding a laptop in one hand and a frosty beer in the other, as Biggie Smalls blasted over the office speakers. What the hell is this place? I thought. Am I still in college?

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by the unmistakable cadence of Ryan Mack. “MATTY!” he said, as he literally greeted me with open arms. Ryan and I had met a few times prior to our days at Carrot Creative, but it had been years since I last saw him. As he led me around the office, showing me the space and catching me up on his past few years at Carrot, it became evident that Ryan wasn’t putting on a show or selling me something that he didn’t truly believe in. Carrot was unlike anything I had seen before. There was a palpable sense of excitement from every corner of the agency. From the president on down, everyone seemed genuinely happy to be here.

Fast forward to late August. I am almost two months into my career here at Carrot and I have experienced our unmatched “hustle” every day. We are proud of the work we do here and we are proud to churn out bold and ambitious work every day. As a part of Carrot Creative, it is clear to see that the awesome culture and the encouraging, collaborative atmosphere here makes the “hustle” part come a lot more easily.

To the highlife!