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Matt joins us as an account executive with a media planning background from MediaCom.

Things really do have a way of working out - especially when you'd least expect it to.

I'd say it all started with a tweet from Mike. Well, technically it began with a near 20 year old friendship with Neamo who has worked as a designer with Carrot Creative for the past 8 months and tipped me off to a tweet his boss made about looking for a Media Planner to join the crew. Of course, this comes at a time where feeling stifled at my old job, I had given up on looking for new creative outlets and had come to terms with being just another cog in the machine. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to work for Carrot and I didn't think that they were the best social media agency in the world. So I agreed to start the conversation.

Long story short, my conversations with Mike began with, "It's important we discuss your future," and ended with, "You should wake up every morning feeling there is purpose in what you do." Those two statements along with everything else in between quickly made me realize that Carrot would be my new home. Since planning and buying online media has not been a prominent offering to clients in the past, I'm thrilled to be undertaking this initiative for Carrot and plan to get my hands dirty with everything else I possibly can in the meantime. It is extremely exciting to be working with such a close group of people who care about what they do.

I strongly believe that we are in the business of making connections and Carrot Creative is inherently a social force. Whether these connections occur between brands and consumers, or between businesses to form new ventures - we make them with the objective of creating important relationships for a substantial purpose.