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Marion joins us as a producer from BuddyMedia.

In days of yore, you'd join a company after college and work there through retirement. At this point in my life, I think I've worked for as many companies since graduating from college as my Dad did in his entire career. I seem to have a sixth sense for joining them right before a merger or a buy-out, a knack which has made my taxes really arduous to do (so many W-2s...) but also has shown me how quickly culture can become an afterthought during times of rapid growth and change. In short, I've seen that you can't throw a keg in the corner in call it culture.

I applied to Carrot based on the strength of its work, but raised a skeptical eyebrow at the multiple mentions of culture on its website, blog, etc. But since this is a safe space and we're all friends, I can admit something to you: I was hooked after one interview. By the time I left my first in-person meeting, I was beyond excited in that "I'm-trying-not-to-get-too-excited-in-case-I-don't-get-this-job-that-I-really-really-want" type of way. The culture here was palpable - from the way that Mike spoke when he discussed his employees to the familial teasing among people in the room from all levels of the company.

Now that I'm two weeks in, I've pegged two more pillars that make the culture here really, well, a culture: a sense of agency and a sense of trust. When you're hired here, you're not hired simply based on what you've done, but also on what the founders believe you can do. With that sentiment to build on, I'm excited to tackle whatever projects come my way.