The Carrot Blog

Carrot Creative is the first place that ever intimidated me. It's also the only place that I've ever been rejected by.

When I first stumbled upon Carrot, two and a half years ago, my first thought was, "Wow, this is where I want to be." However, at the time, my only "advertising experience" was being in advertisements (#humblebrag, I know). I recognized I had valuable skills and life experience to bring to the table, but I knew I wanted an opportunity to learn more, and I wanted to learn from the best. So, I sent in a general email about internships. To my surprise, I quickly received a response from Mike Germano. Although there wasn't a job opportunity per se for me at the time, Mike brought me in and (he and Adam) educated me on advertising, digital, social and Carrot. I was sold. I wanted in.

A few months after my first meeting at Carrot, a job opening popped up on the Carrot site: "Happiness Coordinator." I thought, "This is it! This is my opportunity!" Unfortunately for me, that wasn't it---not at that point in time. So, instead of wallowing in the pool of sorrow that is rejection by the only place you've ever really wanted to work at, I decided to make myself a better candidate. I went back to school to finish my B.A. in Philosophy, continued modeling, and continued to work at a top-tier hospitality and nightlife company (#bottlesandmodels).

Two years later, after finishing up my B.A., I decided it was time for a change again. I made the move back to New York. And to my surprise, barely weeks after I had arrived in New York, I saw it again: the "Happiness Coordinator" position was once again posted on the Carrot website. I knew this was it --my opportunity. I submitted another application, and after a few more interviews with Alexis, Rianna, and Brittany, I was in. I couldn't have been more excited. (There were a lot of Tiger-Woods-fist-pump-"celebration" moves happening as I left the office).

"Only took you two years..." were the first words out of Mike's mouth when I started. All I could do was return his high five and smile, because I was finally a part of the Carrot army. Now, I'm excited to learn everything that I can at Carrot, and I'm even more excited to help make the Carrot Crew's, my 60+ new friends, lives easier and happier.

The moral of this story: "Never give up! Never surrender!" [Thank you Tim Allen and my father for instilling this referentially silly, but nonetheless valuable mantra in me.] And finally, apropos to my position as Happiness Coordinator, one of my favorite notions on happiness, "If one can banish fear about the future, and face the future with confidence that one's desires will be satisfied, then one will attain tranquility (ataraxia), the most exalted state...and thus happiness." Tim O'Keefe, on Epicurus.