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"It's important not to quit prematurely. The people who get what they're after are very often the ones who just stick around long enough... You can't count on success; you can only leave open the possibility for it, and be ready to jump on and take the ride when it comes for you." -Austin Kleon

Kleon recently wrote about the power of perseverance when it comes to sharing one's creativity with the world. I've learned this lesson in my own messy, frustrating way --one that makes landing here at Carrot that much sweeter.

I burned out of a short-lived career as a corporate lawyer with what seemed like very little to show for it. Intent on finding work that could make me excited to get out of bed in the morning, I embarked on a winding path that included interning for trend and advertising agencies, consulting on entrepreneurial projects, spending three months figuring out what a portfolio is (shout out to Miami Ad School), and going back to lawyering all over again.

I learned, in fits and starts, about the sort of role I wanted to carve out for myself. It requires stitching together aspects of business and design strategy, user experience and no small amount of speculative thinking to redefine what it means for people to live in a networked society. By creating products, services and communications that are responsive to the needs of people and the wider world, I hope to create my own bit of art. Carrot's ambition to create innovative experiences on the web made it an ideal place to do just that.

There were times when it would have been a lot easier to change course completely and do something less nebulous. That thought definitely came to mind each time I crashed on a friend's couch or sketched out a business model with a classmate "for the experience." But I had, for the first time in a while, something that felt like a sense of purpose.

I'm glad that I stuck around. Now, it's time to do something awesome.

Lloyd joins us as a strategist. He was previously... a lawyer.