The Carrot Blog

After 2 ½ years of freelancing, being strangled by Gene Simmons, building a house with Vanilla Ice, looking into Martin Scorsese’s eyes and getting a death stare I decided that I was ready for a change. I found Carrot from a facebook post. A friend pointed it out to me and said “this is the job for you”.

After just ending a long run on a tv show, where people married each other at first sight, I was getting ready to start my next adventure and applied for the Content Studio Internship position. As I waited to hear back, I realized I wanted this internship more than any other position that I have applied to in the past. Carrot seemed like an amazing company that worked hard and valued its employees. I soon realized all the hype was true. And after my 1st day, I didn’t want to leave.

As my internship came to a close, they offered me a job (much to my surprise) to stay starting in the new year. Now, I don’t worry about being strangled or getting a death stare. I work with an amazing team of people who are incredibly talented and bring so much creativity to the table.