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Lenny joins us as a community manager from the New York Daily News and The Boston Globe where he served as an online sports editor.

Once upon a time there was a college newspaper adviser who was fired for encouraging his students to follow the First Amendment. He was a crazy, middle-aged bearded dude with a cigar in his mouth and gold coins in his pocket who knew everything about how to write a compelling story, design a kickass spread and present spiffy PowerPoints.

He wasn't my school's adviser, but he was the most inspiring individual I knew before I met Mike Germano.

Mike spoke to me and a group of entrepreneur students at Quinnipiac, his alma mater, less than a month before I graduated. I was impressed – as was everyone else in Buckman Theater, including the professors – to say the least.

And yeah, I wanted to work for him too.

He taught us all to take risks, like he did when he started Carrot Creative with his friends in a basement, and that college was the best time to take risks because the penalties for making mistakes weren't as severe as they were in the "real world."

I took some risks in college, but I wasn't satisfied when I graduated. "If only I had met this guy on the first day of college," I thought, sitting in Buckman. I needed to find a job and co-workers who would allow me to take risks and encourage me to do things abnormally.

How's this for abnormal? I started writing this new-hire blog post at 5:34 a.m. the night before I officially accepted Carrot's offer.

I had been reading the Carrot Blog for the previous hour because I was looking for answers. I needed to know that I was making the right decision to leave my old job, a great job, after just three months.

Well, I've been a Carrot since Jan. 2, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.