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Two Truths and a Lie

  1. I’ve always wanted to work for Carrot.
  2. I proposed to my wife on the front page of Buzzfeed.
  3. I’m related to Vladimir Putin.

And now for the spoilers….

  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to work for Carrot.

    I think that disruption happens when creativity meets ambition. There are a lot of companies that will keep doing the same thing, keep hiring the same kind of people, and keep avoiding the same kinds of risks. Carrot has bucked these trends and that has paid off as the agency has become one of the best full-service, integrated shops out there. Carrot is a great place because of it’s incredibly creative and diverse work, hiring non-traditional employees who have a deep curiosity and understanding of emerging channels, and an enormous level of ambition from Mike, Chris, and the rest of the team.

    Everyone who has worked in ad land knows that it’s not beer, ping-pong, and dog-friendly offices that make a culture. Those things are nice, but ultimately the root of a good office culture is a collective sense of genuine care. From top to bottom, if you don’t think people care about you professionally and personally, you will not be happy at your job and your coworkers will not be happy at their jobs. This doesn’t mean everyone at an organization needs to be the best of friends, but it does mean that there needs to be significant level of inclusiveness, respect, and humor coming from all employees. It is incredibly difficult to achieve this kind of culture, especially in the marketing world where tight deadlines and client demands often de-prioritize those efforts. But even as an observer from the outside, it’s clear to me that Carrot’s culture is amazing.

  2. I DID propose to my wife using thousands of meme images created by friends and strangers on the internet. My wife, then girlfriend, had been subtly hinting that when I was ready to propose, I should do something big like a surprise party or pop the question at a baseball game. I took the request way too far and our engagement ended up generating 11,000,000 impressions in 24 hours (according to a Radian6 analytics report that Salesforce employees decided to pull for us). Most importantly though, she said yes.

  3. While we do look similar, if I were riding a horse shirtless, this is a lie. Mr. Putin and I actually don’t have very much in common except that we both speak Russian (he’s much better at it). I’m the first of my family to be born in the U.S. and the rest of my family immigrated here in the 1970s from what used to be part of the Soviet Union, now it’s Ukraine. My family and I have lived in Chicago since then. But now, I am off to Venice Beach, California to experience something totally new, joining Carrot in their brand new West Coast office!