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Persistent Little F*ck... those are the words that Mike chose to describe me when, after over two years of being on the outside looking in, I was being invited to become a part of the Carrot family.

I can't say that he was wrong. I was insanely persistent, even annoyingly so, I'm sure. But the thing was, when I didn't get the job after the first attempt, I just wasn't able to wrap my mind around taking no for an answer. Yeah, I went on to work at a couple of other agencies in Montreal and Toronto, and did some great work for cool clients with amazing people, but it was never quite Carrot. I felt like that minor league player waiting to get his shot at the big league.

I wanted so badly to be part of Carrot's all-star team and that drove me to push harder, learn more, and do good great work. When a company has that kind of effect on you, it's tough to even consider working anywhere else. So, I went to work on bettering myself and my skills, I stalked followed any Twitter account with a Carrot avatar, tried to interact and keep in touch as much as possible, and I watched as the Carrot family more than doubled in size.

Finally, in July (a year and a half after my first interview with Mike, Nick, and Bobby) I took another shot at writing a haiku and playing with some fridge magnets on Somehow I had managed to convince both Alexis and Tully that Canadians are good with numbers, and the rest is history (and by history I mean a nerve-racking month of paperwork, waiting, and more waiting... btw, thanks John!).

So here we are: 858 days, 2 applications, 4 interviews, 1 ad hoc report, 3 lawyers, 1 visa, and 370 miles later. Yup, that persistence paid off, and I think I'll stay for a while.

Kurt joins us from TAXI in Canada. He's now an analyst on our team.