The Carrot Blog

“Ever thought about working in New York?” “Nope” I replied to Ben, on Facebook from my office in Canberra, Australia.

I was never a strong designer. I was a math and programming jock, with no fashion or style (you know those baggy, silver Sean John pants that made that “swish! swish!” sound when you walked anywhere? Yeah, all me) until I turned 20 and started discovering a thirst to be a creative person. I had worked with Ben 5-6 years ago at a production house in our quiet and boring hometown. At that point he was a ridiculously talented designer in the big apple and I was an under-qualified designer in a town that wouldn’t surprise me if you couldn’t find it on Google maps.

Then I thought “Fuck it!”…I’ve been seeking adventure and adrenaline my whole life. From intentionally getting lost while traveling, to performing in front of massive audiences, to sky-diving, to leaps of faith. I had nothing to lose but comfort, safety, and boredom. The wheels turned rapidly and soon I found myself sitting in New York with Ben.

I hadn’t done too much research about the company due to the ridiculously quick, spur of the moment, life change that I had to undertake. So as I sat there on my Carrot chair at my Carrot desk, looking around the Carrot office, with my now, fellow Carrots, looking at the Carrot culture and the work that was being produced, it suddenly dawned on me. There was a reason why I was at this place with all of these amazingly talented and driven individuals.

There was something that we all had in common that enticed us to this place. We had found the playground we were all searching for. An adult playground in the city of large buildings and even larger people. Everyone was striving to discover who they were, striving to realize their dreams, striving to better themselves, and learn their craft. This space allowed us to be ourselves, act how we want, learn what we want and grow into whoever we wanted to be. This playground gave us the space to play. We threw ideas around like thousands of footballs, traversed any obstacles like monkeys on a jungle gym, and created bonds with the coolest kids on the block. Everything became possible and fun regardless of how serious, or daunting it was. And after all that, when the bell rang…we could play.

“Ever thought you’d be working in New York?” “Doesn’t feel like work to me” I replied to Ben, as we close our laptops and head to the next Carrot party.