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So this is a little weird... because I know I've definitely been here before. I first met most of Carrot a year ago, when I interned for the summer. I started as a Strategy and Analytics intern, but I left doing so many things that I would have never expected to come out of my time here. I think that, because of this, many of you don't really have any idea what exactly it is that I do now that I'm back as an Insights Analyst.

When I started, there weren't many customizable research options for strategists to use to support and influence their strategies. After I saw this, I was able to use my past experiences in research to try to improve this at Carrot. This particular kind of research is something I really enjoy to do. I was able to fill a need for Carrot and everyone let me completely own it. That was such a badass experience. (Thanks Nina for helping me see it this way!) The fact that all of these cool people, who were doing all of this awesome stuff (and doing it really well), trusted me to answer all of these interesting questions they had was pretty amazing. That trust helped me grow and enjoy all of these next-level experiences in just two months. So, I kind of left knowing Carrot was at the very top of the list of places where I could see myself working.

In my opinion, after graduating, it's so important to realize that there's still so much learning to be done. In just those two months last summer, I saw how important trying new things, learning and growing, as both an individual and a part of the greater whole, was to everyone here at Carrot. I can only imagine what's in store for my future here. I'm so happy to have been welcomed back to Carrot. Now give me all the data.

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Long live born-again carrots.