The Carrot Blog

Hello Carrot Creative blog readers my name is Kaitlin Villanova and I am the newest member of the Carrot Creative team here in Dumbo Brooklyn. What attracted me to Carrot was the creative environment. The smell of innovation and new ideas here is palpable. As the Director of Account Services it is my job to combine creativity and project management to work with all the awesome clients making sure everyone stays happy with the hard work we do. My previous experiences have taught me what makes for a happy client, and more importantly, how to order apology cupcakes for a sad client if something goes wrong (not that it ever could with this group). Side note: What's the best place for carrot cake cupcakes in New York City? Please leave it in the comments!

When I first accepted the job with Carrot someone asked me if I was nervous about working with such an inventive, tech savvy company but coming from the Internet giant Yahoo! I feel right at home. During my time at Yahoo! I worked on the client services team specifically for The Right Media Exchange. Before that I worked on communication strategy and marketing for the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). I have an innate passion for social media and new technologies and their ability to connect people and relevant information.

I'm stoked to be working with the brilliant and gregarious team here at Carrot; I have a really good feeling about what's to come. Feel free to say hello in the comments or find me on Twitter at @KaitVillanova

For additional fun, here are seven random and possibly unnecessary facts about me:

  1. Like a few of my colleagues here I grew up in Connecticut.
  2. As a devout advocate of digital networking, I still believe nothing can replace a good old fashion coffee meeting "networking 1.0″.
  3. I love to snowboard, except since moving to NYC 4 years ago I only get the chance to go a couple times a year.
  4. I blogged about Twitter in March of 2007, which means I've been geeking-it-up on that thing for over 2 years (I have retired my first account).
  5. I say words like dude, rad, and gnarly more often than I should as a professional and an adult.
  6. I absolutely love the beach but Central Park beach is great too
  7. I've got flip cup skillz.