The Carrot Blog

As a Quality Assurance Analyst, it's my job to try and break things. I'd like to say that I got the job at Carrot because my awful drawing skills broke their website. Here's how it all went down:

When I stumbled upon Carrot Creative while searching for creative agencies in NYC, I was impressed. It offered everything I'd been looking for in a digital shop. It's small, produces high-quality, engaging work, and has amazing clients. When I went to apply online and saw the interactive application, I was even more impressed. Instead of filling out a boring form that would end up unseen and archived in some folder of a dusty inbox, the Carrot application was, well, Creative (get it? sorry guys, it was right there).

I prepared to spend the next few hours coming up with a unique application. After a solid chunk of time passed, I had agonized over the perfect haiku (so much to say in 5-7-5), pieced together a coherent refrigerator magnet message that was both informative and catchy (in my opinion ; ) ), and kind of drew something in paint. After much deliberation and a collage of stick-figures (paint and I aren't really friends) I hit the submit button, and waited...and waited and waited. For 30 minutes I watched that technicolored-pinwheel-of-death swirl away. I was glued to my computer, rooting for my precious application to come out on top, having defeated whatever obstacles it was facing. Then the website really went down.

It was official – my awful painting broke the Carrot website. "NOOOOOOO" I shouted dramatically, slumping to the ground, cross-eyed from staring at the computer. After a few minutes of groaning I peeled myself off the floor. I wasn't going to let this blip in the application process dissuade me. Hell, this might even be a test for someone applying for QA...well played Carrot, well played. I decided I was going to QA the heck out of that website. I took screenshots of the errors I was receiving, and emailed with the issues, keeping my fingers crossed.

Amazingly enough, that same night one of the founders, Chris, emailed me back, and the rest is history. I'd always thought I would never be able get a job by filling out an online application, let alone breaking one! I later found out from the CTO, Kyle, that the website was only down for a couple of seconds, and I was the only one affected by it. Carrot – it was meant to be!