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Juliette joins the team from Big Fuel as a Producer

The first time I was in a room with Mike Germano, and heard him speak passionately about the company he had built, I couldn't think of anything else for a week. He seriously changed my thinking about social media and advertising. I realized then that I wanted to be a part of something different, exciting and purpose driven. Carrot is carving a new niche in the advertising landscape by creating a company culture that is inspiring to employees and clients alike.

After working in the arts and non-profit world for years before opportunities ran dry, I decided to focus on my own creative work. Two years ago I had just finished my first documentary short and looked to social media as the best way to promote it independently. I had never considered looking for work in advertising, but with my production background I was a good fit at Big Fuel in their interactive and video department. While there, I got a crash course education on what it takes to build a successful social campaign, working with brands like Fisher-Price, Colgate –Palmolive and General Motors. I also had first hand experience seeing a start-up go from 15 to 200 employees in less than a year.

In the spring of 2010, I was invited to Digital DUMBO by Luke Chatelain (, of Invoke Media, it was fantastic and I knew immediately that this was the community for me. I wasn't surprised to hear later that Carrot Creative was responsible for its inception.

After a great year of friendship with Carrot I can now call them my family. Mike and Chris have cultivated a wonderful place to work in Dumbo. I'm ready to hit the ground running as a producer and offer my video production experience as an added service to the already amazingly talented group of people who work here at Carrot. It has always been my dream to work in New York and after living here 8 years, there's no place I would rather be than Brooklyn.