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Josh joins Carrot as our Design Intern. Please welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @joshuawetstone

Every year, RIT holds a massive career fair geared towards digital agencies known as "Creativity Careers in Motion". On the surface it appears like the typical employment recruiting event, but in reality it's much more. As both a designer and a 3D artist, when I choose an agency to work for I'm actually committing to a culture that I will become immersed in indefinitely both in and out of the office. The magnitude of this choice is gigantic. Therefore, it's crucial to be spot on when deciding which agencies to look at.

When I first set foot at this year's career fair, I had a decent idea of what my top choice for the agency would be. However, as soon as my gaze set on the pirate flag that spread gloriously across Carrot's table, my decision solidified like concrete settling but at a speed 1000 times faster.

When I got the official Carrot email a week or so later, I was ecstatic. I felt like I had my own personal fireworks show erupting in my mind. The very thought that I would be allowed to intern at Carrot was exhilarating.

I scrambled to finish my semester at RIT while simultaneously trying find a place to live in Brooklyn. The Friday before I started at Carrot was spent getting drilled in final critiques at school. The weekend consisted of a long time spent behind the wheel driving home to Connecticut, followed by rushing to move into my new apartment in Brooklyn and unpacking the few things I had to my name.

The next day, that same fireworks show I mentioned earlier grew exponentially in intensity as I set foot in the Carrot office. I can still hear the cracks and pops of the fireworks in my mind. I can still visualize the sea of colors just as easily as I can see that badass Carrot flag that I modeled rendering in full 3D on the screen next to me. It feels fantastic to be a Carrot and to be a part of the best social media family imaginable!