The Carrot Blog

“You’re going to need to be able to read his mind.”

Such was the most important requirement told to me during my interview that I needed for the job I was seeking. Since I am writing this welcome blog, I obviously got the job at Carrot Creative - A Vice Company; but that was a fate I already knew, since I met the prerequisite stated above...which is why I got the job...

After one full week on the job, I am glad there hasn't been a test.

Walking into Carrot on your first day is like walking into the opening scene of Home Alone: family everywhere carrying on dozens of simultaneous seemingly John Hughes’ written conversations, lots of pizza and not so subliminal product placement. Luckily, nobody treats you like Fuller McCallister.

Your welcome package includes an Old English-fonted proclamation (wax seal included) welcoming you as the newest member of the Carrot family: “You’re joining a desire. A desire to find fulfillment, a desire to cause more than a ripple, a desire to fight - as a team.”

The reasons that it may seem overwhelming on day one are the same reasons that keep you excitedly wanting to come back the next and the next.

This exquisite Carrot milieu derives itself from its founders, one of which I have the privilege to work directly for and task to read the mind of. Luckily that “desire to cause more than a ripple,” the desire to “Get Action,” has been in me since I can remember. So, needing to be able to read a mind is simply a step toward fulfilling that desire. And being able to do it with a bunch of Carrots over pizza sounds pretty great to me.

John joins us as Executive Assistant to co-founder Mike Germano. Previously he was Political, Policy and Social Media Director and Chief of Staff for a campaign in Maryland.