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So, what do you do?

Me: I’m a copywriter.

Oh cool, you write novels and poems and stuff, right?

Me: Not exactly.

You copyright books then?

Me: No, I’m actually an advertising copywriter.

Oh…like Peggy from Mad Men.

Me: Face palm

While Mad Men has done wonders for the perception of copywriters, life as a copywriter isn’t exactly all about long boozy lunches. It’s more about coming up with big ideas and then turning those ideas into a well-articulated campaign. Sure words are what we do, but writing isn’t necessarily what we spend most of our days doing.

Between the concepting, creating, editing, proofreading and actual writing, it’s impossible to pin down everything a copywriter does in just a few words. The fact is, the role of a copywriter is ever changing. From project to project and client to client, copywriters must be able to adapt to different needs and asks—and fast. One day, you could be crafting scripts for a 360 video, the next you may be creating a fully integrated social campaign. Long gone are the days when a pithy, catchy tagline was enough. Copywriting isn’t just about being proficient with words and grammar, but being proficient with ideas. And, that my friend is what makes our job one of the most interesting professions in the industry.