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As soon as I hopped off my plane from Austin, I cabbed straight to the Carrot office to grab the keys of the apartment they were putting me in while I found a place to live. This was the afternoon before my official “first day.” I like to think that I live a passionate life with loving and enthusiastic people, but never before have I been greeted by people that were so genuinely excited to see or meet me. This beat the time that I had met my Norwegian pen pal in real life after a year of exchanging mail, or even the first time I came home from college.

I was in my airplane outfit (sweatpants) and had that airport skin (slightly greasy?) but I felt like a million bucks with the way they treated me.

2:20 PM: Brittany helped me haul all of my luggage along a glass meeting room wall, inside of which was Kurt. I had only Skype-interviewed with this guy once, but he looked up in the middle of his meeting and gave me the most excited wave, as if we were reunited childhood friends.

2:30 PM: Nina immediately stopped what she was doing and took me to lunch, making me feel completely at home.

2:45 PM: I brought my eggplant panini (delicious) back to the Carrot kitchen, where several people I’d never seen before came up to introduce themselves. “We’re so excited to finally meet you!” they said. “I can’t believe you’re finally here!” Not in the way people say it when babies are born, but in a way that made it sound like I was supposed to arrive a year ago (I wish!).

3:00 PM: I’m talking to Steve in the kitchen about places to hike in NY (it exists!), when I hear a loud “JAIME?!?!” from behind me. It was my boss, Andrew (aka “Tully”) whom I’d also only Skyped with one time. I wrote that in all caps for a reason. The pure volume and disbelief in his tone of voice was incredulous. “I heard rumors that you were here and had to see for myself!” Rumors. Is this how Tupac feels?

This was just the first hour, before I had even “officially” started. My first 24 hours could be a novel. I’d write about how Nina texted me the morning of my first day, saying that Kim wanted to take me out for breakfast. And how Tully waved my welcome gift in front of me, excitedly saying “Openitopenitopenit!!!” And when I discovered that there was string cheese in the fridge. And when I was taken to the famous “Big Deck” that looks even better in real life. And when Kurt was serious about referring to me as “J$” in all emails.

The people here are amazing, and their personalities are contagious. Their “Hustle. Team. Adventure.” is evident immediately, and I couldn’t imagine myself happier anywhere else.

Jaime joins us from Wieden + Kennedy as out new digital analyst.