The Carrot Blog

Since my freshman year in high school, I've been interested in computers. I learned basic networking from Cisco gear, jumped into hacking for a bit (went to Las Vegas for Defcon 21), had a scare when hacking at school (I did fix a couple issues though), and now I am comfortably coding. In 2013, my senior year in highschool, I learned to code from/with Sean Lang. We took an online course together, Web Development B (aka Javascript for dummies), with a personal challenge: "Who can finish the class first?" Surprisingly, I beat Sean (pretty sure he was just being lazy); but, in two weeks, I finished a whole semester's worth of material and tests. This was just the beginning for me.

Since then, I've created my personal website and contributed to various projects. My first interaction with Carrot was writing the 'clean' option for roots. I learned a lot from it and wanted to improve my knowledge as a programmer. My first year of college was a little dull as I was reviewing the basics of programming, in java; I wanted to experience working with a team on more meaningful projects. I began applying to various places, but Carrot was where I wanted to go.

I come from a family of six, one brother and two sisters, with me as the oldest sibling. Throughout all of our childhoods we were involved in music; we even had a family band. I was in the drumline in the marching band at Waukesha North High School, which repeatedly won the State Championship and played in various states --including New York City when we performed in the 2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My family is very musically inclined; my sister Anna is a State Flutist and talented pianist, my brother Jack plays John Mayer, on his guitar (Yes - He's a ladies man... and he plays soccer), and my youngest sister Clara plays clarinet, sings and dances (also plays soccer). My mom, Julie is a registered nurse, who plays guitar, and my dad Shaun, is a software engineer who plays guitar, piano, sings, etc. This is the reason our family had a band! I played on the varsity soccer team for three years, mainly Left Defender, but also every other position during my four years of soccer, and my class took the team the furthest, beating the rival schools. Basically, my life has been about teamwork and competition, and making music... the perfect layup to working at Carrot.

Carrot is amazing, and has exceeded my expectations. From the atmosphere around me to the people I work with, it's a great working environment. Carrot allows me to push myself to become better at what I do. That being said, I cannot wait to see where the rest of this internship will take me.