The Carrot Blog

Harris joins us as our newest analyst. Hailing from North Carolina, he was previously an insights analyst at McKinney.

How did I end up at Carrot?

I followed this mantra: 'Never settle, and be picky.'

I started interviewing back in August; then I took a full tour of the ad agency world. From W+K to Droga5, I was on a quest to find the right fit. One thing I knew: I wanted a heavier social analytics role, and with that in mind, I started to carve out an attack plan. Fueled by beer, pizza and hot dogs, I put my brain to work. After interviewing with several dozen agencies, intentionally dropping f-bombs in interviews and setting up the conversation to hit the ley lines of awkwardness, I met my match … Alexis, Director of People and Culture at Carrot.

Thus, my introduction to Carrot Creative's steez. Three cities, one blizzard, two house parties, a weeklong awkward encounter with an ex-girlfriend, and multiple flights later, my feet made Carrot landfall. Final interview.

To simplify the wonderful methodic chaos that is Carrot Creative, I will decrypt my first impressions with a fragrance analogy:

As with any finely-tuned fragrance, there are three major notes within the complexities of its orchestra. You sense the notes in order: top, middle, and base. Carrot's top notes are noticed immediately: young, yupsters and attractive. Within the first half hour, it was apparent that much trust had been laid on the shoulders of a generation otherwise known for being lazy, dumb and ignorant. I was terrified. I told myself, "Their hype better be f**king real." After meeting a few essential pillars of Carrot, my doubt began to subside. I realized in the new world order of digital and social prowess, Carrots were all digital native mavens at their core.

Middle notes: smart, fast and battle-tested. These yupsters were digital warriors. I thought, "Get a load of this sh*t?!" They brought knowledge to the table that traditional industry ad agency folks are trained to think and fifteen-year plus veterans acquire. Carrot not only broke this stereotype, they eviscerated it. Me: Impressed.

Base Notes: wolf pack mentality, Sun-Tzu-level brand strategy, booze-infused. The base notes took a moment to show. It was hard to believe that their whole operation was being held together by the prior two notes (which is not how this works, dammit!!), and galvanized with a certain trust in leadership that can only be understood by the young; I'm talking the type of trust the Lost Boys have in Peter Pan. I use the Lost Boys because each Carrot employee came from a myriad of places. Everyone has cut their teeth at places ranging from startups to top ad agencies. Carrot Creative. Much like the old Danish idiom, Man må hyle med de ulve man er i blandt, "One must howl with the wolves one is among."

This fragrance had my interest peaked. Do we date? Have I been here before? Oh, my heart!

That moment came. The moment that always comes too soon. After savoring the scent that is Carrot, I was staring down Alexis in their room dubbed, "Field of Dreams." (How appropriate.) With a deep breath, I proposed to Carrot Creative, "I want to put a ring on it." Alexis looked serious, and then, finally, a smile broke through and she responded, "We want you to put a ring on it."

So, a fragrance. Not just any, but one that David Ogilvy himself would wear. R.I.P.

Oh, and did I mention? Carrot is now a Vice company. Le Sigh.