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Graeme joins us as a designer. Prior to Carrot, he was the illustrator at

It's funny to think that I used to draw my favorite logos and cartoon characters in the back of my workbooks in high school. Sonic, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario; Nike, Adidas, Etnies, DC. I drew their logos, type treatments and characters over and over again until I could draw them from memory. My tutors would always catch me and tell me it was stupid or pointless, and I'd normally end up in trouble for making a mess. As a result, I often found school pretty tough; it felt like nobody saw my real interests apart from my 'art' or 'technology' teachers. Those were the only classes I really shone in, but even then, they weren't quite what I was looking for. Now I look back and I think drawing huge letters, geometric shapes and cartoon characters in the back of my workbooks all those years ago laid my foundation of understanding brands.

At the time, I had no idea that anyone could earn a living from creating such visual awesomeness. I was always under the impression that a 'real job' meant using algebra and having to wear a tie every day - not something I could personally enjoy! Luckily, Colleges and Universities had courses for stubborn creatives like myself and they gave me a chance to flourish and realize that there are amazingly cool companies out there that look for creative types. So, since then, I've only ever been interested in the really awesome stuff.

I moved to New York from the United Kingdom a little over a year ago - once I realized just how much really awesome stuff is in fact out here. It was all going great until I was faced with the daunting challenge of looking for a new place of work late last year. So many opportunities were out here, but so few really ticked the boxes in my head. Luckily, I'd made friends with a Carrot named Jeff Escalante, through Twitter, and he recommended I check out Carrot. After meeting a few other members of the team, I realized Carrot ticked all those boxes I was looking for, as well as a few new ones I've added since: hustle, team, adventure. Now I get to draw logos and characters in my workbooks again!