The Carrot Blog

A lot of what drives what I do involves skating to where I think the puck is going to be. I left Connecticut as a college student to head out West, towards California. Living in San Francisco provided me with a taste of everything: design, technology, awesome weather and culture. Also, Burritos. So. Many. Tasty. Burritos.

But, life has a way of bringing you back home... whether you're ready or not.

I spent some time working for myself on the East Coast, learning and creating things beyond the constraints of client's RFPs. When that was said and done, I had to keep skating in the direction of the puck. I wasn't home yet.

Agencies still had some things to teach me. So much had changed since the last time I'd joined an agency as a full-time employee. Digital had become the status-quo and the world had started to accept it. I auditioned for a lot of different places: places that were enamored with who I was, but places I knew I wouldn't be able to produce the kind of work I wanted to with.

My first visit with Carrot was with the Director of Strategy RG Logan and our Director of People and Culture Alexis Lamster. What should have been a typical song and dance turned into a two hour conversation about all the things that made me come alive when it came to producing work. What Carrot was offering me wasn't a job but a great community and home in which the result would be amazing work.

At this point I'm seven years out of the gate. Being at Carrot feels right. And, to quote Interpol's Obstacle 1, "And we can top the old times":

I've finally found a home.