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Gary joins Carrot as the Director of Ad-Ventures from KCP Capital.

I've had the opportunity to visit Carrot as a friend of the family over the years and always found it to be a special place to work. The tapped keg, selection of freshly baked cookies, a virtually limitless supply of fancy food from around the neighborhood ... and yes some truly groundbreaking work being done in the digital advertising space were all welcoming signs that this company was a rocket headed for the outer cosmos of awesome.

Before joining Carrot, I spent the last 3 years serving as Director of Corporate Development at KIT digital, a video content management software and services company behind multi-screen video portals like BSkyB's Sky Player and AT&T's U-Verse Online, where I helped complete a dozen acquisitions and lived in a suit representing the company to our public market investors and industry analysts at just about every tech trade show out there.

The advertising and technology universes are no longer on a collision course, they have collided in a spectacular fashion. Brands (using tech-savvy agencies like Carrot) are introducing applications and games with deep functionality that engage their fans while tech startups are learning mechanisms for message distribution and effective branding early on in their life cycle. This trend is only picking up pace and being ahead of the curve on the advertising front means being the leanest meanest development organization in the land, and Carrot is it.

Returning to the US on a more permanent basis after some time bouncing between Prague, Dubai, and NY for nearly half a decade, it was the perfect opportunity to give up airline food and help bake some carrot cake. A few emails and Skype calls later and I was in the war room in my interview suit (jeans, tshirt, flip flops) straight off a flight getting group interviewed by Mike, Chris, Nick, and Brian (hyperlink the names!).

Our years of friendly beers all of a sudden turned into a margarita-fueled (yes from Pedro's on Front and Jay) discussion of the hustle to be done in the months ahead:

We figured that with the absence of cloning equipment the Partners needed some extra hands on interesting potential endeavors that come across Carrot's doorstep including local tech community events, investments into new areas of business, and ways to help cultivate and grow ad-tech companies and products that wow our clients when we roll them out in campaigns.

So there you have it. The mission is roughly defined (to make sexy magic happen) and undeterred by Sandy's attempt to slow my moving to NY down (she failed, I'm here) I am in the office crafting and plotting the new and exciting.

Drop me a line if you are an entrepreneur hacking away at a product just waiting to be discovered by the biggest consumer brands in the world or just have an idea for a kick ass product to make our socially connected universe a more efficient place. We want to work with you.