The Carrot Blog

“I’m getting out of advertising,” I said in early 2014. After almost five years in the game, I was tapping out. I had been with small boutique agencies, large PR firms, and full-service shops that were owned by big holding companies. And no matter the agency, the client, or the department, I kept feeling like something was missing. With that realization, I decided that I’d had enough of the ad game.

“Have you looked at Carrot?”, a mentor of mine asked over whiskey one night (I hadn’t). He began telling me that he had worked with a small Brooklyn-based agency that, although recently acquired by Vice, operated like an independent creative shop and had a reputation for a high-level of employee satisfaction.

Eight months later, here I am. And that missing component I was looking for? I found it at Carrot.

There are plenty of agencies that have spirit, smarts, capabilities, ambition, and a bright future. What I found at Carrot was heart. I know that sounds cheesy and fictional, but it’s not. This blog post would be a lot easier to write if the big pay-off wasn’t so eye-roll worthy, but it’s the truth.

It isn’t in the awesome welcome package awaiting new employees, or in the ridiculous perks, or the A-class client list and work. It’s in the eye contact from the leadership, showing they are actually listening to you. It’s in the dismissal of formalities when brainstorming new ideas. It’s in the feeling that something big is happening around us everyday.

Fine, fine. I'll stay in the ad game.

Mike Faley joins us from MRY, where he was a Senior Analyst, as a Strategist.