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Everald joins the family as our newest Analyst! Please welcome him to Carrot with a friendly tweet: @EezyV

It was 7AM and I was on a ferry from NJ to NYC for my interview with Carrot. I had no idea what to expect at first. First impression is everything, so I wore a suit and tie. Before I left the house it was already 85 degrees with the high being 94. I knew wearing a suit would make it one "hell" of a day but I continued to ride it out. As I rode the ferry to Carrot, I was full of excitement and nervousness at the same time, but knew that I needed that confidence to ace the interview. DUMBO, where Carrot's headquartered, was a foreign land to me. I immediately got lost and since it was getting late, had no choice but to call Ryan Mack and ask for directions to the office. So many thoughts were racing through my head as the phone rang. I was so nervous to tell him that I was lost and had no idea where I was walking to. He calmed me down and gave me proper directions.

I finally started to head in the right direction and as I arrived to the glass doors, I noticed that I was sweating like crazy. It was a really hot day and trying to run in a suit was not the best decision. I arrived to meet Ryan with a smile. He immediately asked if I wanted a glass of water and if I wanted to cool off before I started the interview. As I walked in the office I was amazed by the open space and free will (in my previous job at a TV network, I didn't have the luxury of an open space — being confined to a cubicle). I finally sat down in Biggie Smalls (a meeting room) and went on with the interview. The interview seemed to have gone well despite me getting lost and showing up overly perspired.

A week and a half went by and I still had not heard from Carrot. I was nervous that I may have not made the cut. The whole scenario of the interview kept replaying in my head as I tried to remember any mistakes I made. Finally, I got a sign of clarity when I received a tweet saying "It would be a great decision to work for @CarrotCreative" . I was so confused by the mention but I carried on with my day until I got a call from Ryan. He said "Hey, we like you, come work for us", I gladly accepted as I knew this would be the best opportunity for me.

And I knew it was not by faith but by destiny that I got this job. So far this has been one of the best experiences of my life. The team's constant grind and determination to be the best and stay the best inspires me everyday.

I am glad and fortunate to be apart of something so great!