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I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and had just finished inspecting a pair of Nike Air Max trainers from 1992... Actually, lets go back a bit...

I grew up about 30 minutes south of Boston in the 'burbs. At some point during the summer between 8th and 9th grade, some friends and I discovered that anyone can start a band. Literally anyone. We all bought instruments and started writing terrible songs together. We discovered punk rock. Booking your own shows, making your own records and t-shirts - I quickly figured out that if you were in a local band and you wanted to play shows, you needed a logo. You needed a website. You needed cover art for your demo. Someone had to create this stuff, and in my instance, that someone was me.

Somewhere around this time, I began to formulate what I wanted to do with my life. I either wanted to be a successful touring musician or work behind the scenes at a record label. Design had not completely entered the equation yet.

I ended up moving to Connecticut to attend Quinnipiac University and kept playing music. I became more interested in design. Around the same time, I started a new band. We started booking out of state shows, around holidays and summer break. I graduated from school and moved to NYC to start working in the music industry. I ended up at Atlantic Records, working for their sub-label Fueled By Ramen. At the same time, my band got even more serious. We started recording albums and touring more. We started opening for bigger bands and played SXSW and Warped Tour.

I was trying to make both dreams work at the same time. I was doing design, development and planning marketing campaigns for FBR's entire roster. I was working with artists like Paramore, Fun., and Gym Class Heroes. Then I'd go home and work on my own band. After four years of working at a record label, the circular motion of record and touring cycles started to burn me out. I started to hate music. I needed to do something different.

I ended up at Complex Media. For a while it was great and I learned a lot, but I wanted to focus on digital. That's when I hit up my ex-'Plex colleague Mitch Kapler, Account Director at Carrot. I had heard a lot about Carrot over the years, but Mitch told me everything I hoped was true was really true. Then he said big things were coming.

A couple days later, I read this article: VICE bought Carrot. And I wanted to work there even more. I applied and came into the office to meet CXO & Co-Founder Chris Petescia and Director of People & Culture Alexis Lamster. We talked about where I was coming from and where I wanted to go. We were coming from the same headspace. I came back and got to meet some more of the team.

Then, I went on vacation and checked out some Nikes in the Victoria and Albert Museum. They had wifi, so I checked my email.

Things are great.