The Carrot Blog

The first time I left New York after an internship four years ago, I was jazzed…to be leaving. As I stepped off the plane back into crisp Oregon air, I thought I’d never leave my home state for a city that made me feel smaller than a pizza rat ever again. Fast forward to fall of my first post-grad year: sure enough, I was hauling two suitcases through the lobby of my new apartment in Manhattan. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

I first visited Carrot during my senior year of college. At that point, I was knee-deep in the competitive struggle to find a job and networking my butt off. Cue the first time I set foot in this office—I wasn’t even interviewing for a job, but the people here were gracious enough to take me in for a few hours and show me the ropes of this agency’s fantastic culture. After spending time on the roof deck in the sun and talking to multiple people from different departments, I came away feeling inspired rather than intimidated. Most of all, I came away with something I aspired to move towards. Carrot became my goal.

A series of events after school led me to Boston, but I had this little tug in my stomach that told me I needed to be somewhere that pushed me more. That little tug, coupled with my festering obsession with Carrot since the day I had visited, pushed me back into the application process. Two weeks later, I got the call that I had landed the job. I don’t even think I listened to the words from Angie’s mouth after that—seeing as I was fighting the urge to throw up from excitement (I think I told her that, too). You know when you’re so riled up that you sweat through your shirt, get cotton mouth, can’t form a sentence, and just happy-dance with your mouth open? That was me—in the bathroom stall of the company I was interning at.

I know a lot of people who don’t love their first job. The feeling of plugging away from 9-5 and waiting for weekend relief is WAY too common. When it comes to the everyday hustle, Carrot exceeds those expectations by leaps and bounds. Every day here is new and exciting—it’s never the same old thing, or the same old job. Working hard is met with incredible satisfaction. People don’t treat one another as co-workers, they treat one another as friends and mentors. The support, opportunities, hard work mixed with fun, and endless strange quotes here are what make this little melting pot an excellent corner of New York to call home. In the end, I couldn’t be happier that I made the choice to return to the city I said I’d never come back to.