The Carrot Blog

Getting to know Carrot started with a text from a former co-worker letting me know about an opening: “I really, really like working here” he said.

It continued with one of my first conversations with another future co-worker, letting me know about the nature of Carrot: “Yeah, we talk like human beings here. Not so much with the officey language.” The worst office speak I’d heard was “synergimagination.” Hers was “Phygital.” “Phygital,” she said, “is the worst. shudder

When I walked into the office to find a sort of punk rock, bare-knuckled, cultured and cool Mos Eisley Cantina (but friendlier), I definitely knew this would fit, and I definitely knew this was different. “I think I might really, really like working here.”

Plus there’s a beer tap. Which fits with the Cantina theme.

Anyway, getting to know such a diverse group of people with such a vast array of backgrounds makes for a truly rich experience. There are writers, painters, designers, psychologists, comedians, authors, editors, photographers, filmmakers, journalists, psychics, butchers, bakers, BBQ get the idea. Since I’ve been here, I’ve asked 10 to 20,000 questions, conservatively, and nobody’s been short or irritated or unenthusiastic.

It’s like a bunch of people working on a puzzle and everybody’s got a different piece. The puzzle’s not together yet, but that’s what makes it so awesome. We’ve got the pieces and we’ve got the vision. I’m glad I get to put my piece into place.