The Carrot Blog

We are the interns. We eat peanut butter, pizza, stale bagels and all other forms of free food. People may not know us by name but swear they totally know our face. We make awkward conversation and questionable decisions but we do oh so much more.

This summer we piloted “The Intern Project.” Because you’re smart enough to read this blog, or just read in general, you probably guessed that this was a project all of us interns worked on together. Yes, we collaborated on a single project, but you may not have guessed that our work was a full 360 pitch to one of Carrot’s biggest clients. We put our heads together to come up with ideas, presented them to our mentors, revised, presented to the President of Carrot, revised some more and repeated until we were nervously sweating and talking through social strategy with a Creative Director from Target.

We also threw a party. It was the most appallingly awesome cultural phenomenon since “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce.

Overall, here’s what we have to say about our Summer here at Carrot Creative:

Meggy Intern

"Getting to work on cool projects and executions with super talented, super hardworking people has been nothing less than amazing. This summer internship with Carrot has definitely been one of the most enriching experiences of my life— a great summer well-spent!" -Meggy, Storyboard Intern

Patrick Bacon-Blaber Intern

“My favorite part about the internship was getting to know all the people that work at Carrot. Everyone who works here is different, and it was a blast meeting so many new people. Everyone was also very friendly and willing to help, which made getting things done a lot easier. The people at Carrot are the reason I was excited to go to work every day.” -Patrick, Dev Intern

Henry Snopek Intern

"Carrot is an amazing place that makes you feel like you’ve always been a part of their culture. There wasn’t ever a moment where I thought I was out of the mix." -Henry, Dev Intern

Marine Intern

“My favorite part of the Carrot Internship was obviously the food: pita chips and a freezer stacked of ice cream! Also, the teams are awesome and always made themselves available to answer every questions I had.” -Marine, Production Intern

Meredith Intern

“The internship has been an incredible experience. The best part for me was working with my mentors. They are so knowledgeable and have taught me more than I thought was possible in the past 10 weeks here. I wasn’t just an intern, I was a part of the team and working alongside all their projects. I’m going to miss working with these amazing people.” -Meredith, Content Studio Intern

Isabella Intern

“My favorite time at Carrot was the Intern party we threw for Carrot where Meggy and I made so many cheese quesadillas… we stood out in the blazing heat of the sun AND bbq pit and had a blast. Plus, we got to eat a whole lot of quesadillas. My team off-site was also pretty DOPE!” -Isabella, Analytics Intern

Alberto Intern

“There’ve been a lot of great moments this summer but the one that stands out in memory most is from our intern welcoming deck party at the start of the summer. I snuck The Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place onto the playlist. Once it started playing Mike, from the Analytics team, walked over and we just started singing and for about 5 minutes after the song had ended Mike explained why Carrot was one of the best places to work and urged me to enjoy the summer. It may sound strange but it reassured me Carrot was the right place to be.” -Alberto, UX Intern

Matt Sliter Intern

“My favorite part at Carrot part at Carrot was the camaraderie I experienced from all the great and weird peoples who make up this place. They showed me love from day one and wanted me to be myself, not just some work drone. Carrot gave me the opportunity to learn at a high level, and also talk about my unconditional love for Kanye West.” -Matt, Strategy Intern

Halli Intern

“My favorite part of this summer was doing work that actually mattered. Everyone strives to make an impact in the world, and at 21, as an intern, I've created work that will reach and influence more people than I hoped for.” -Halli, Design Intern

Hagan Intern

“My favorite thing about Carrot is the culture, which is created by the people that work here. Everyone - from fellow interns to the Carrot executives - is willing to invest time in those around them to pass along what they've learned. Beyond this, they're also incredibly fun and interesting people with whom I've watched hot dog eating competitions, grilled quesadillas, made clay pots, done yoga, and more. I couldn't have asked for better people to work with this summer!” -Hagan, Account Intern

Shane Intern

"Everything about carrot has been really cool to be honest. It’s kind of hard to pick one moment. I arrived late to the intern program and have only been here a little but I feel very like I’m a part of it all. The company culture is so welcoming, everyone’s been so nice and the work’s been really rewarding. I think that’s been the best part so far. That and the pizza parties." -Shane, Art Director Intern

Monica Intern

“My favorite part of Carrot was my first day. Our intern project was only words on a whiteboard and only a handful people knew my name. But I could tell from the buzz in the office and the encouraging sound of applause after my nervous self-introduction, that I had joined something bigger - a big idea, a strong community, a monumental moment. I also really liked the part at the end when they gave me a job, that was cool too.” -Monica, Copywriter Intern