The Carrot Blog

Have you ever experienced that pivotal moment when you realize you have no idea what you were meant to do with your life? It's commonly known as the post-college freak-out. Well, that's where I was about a year ago. I came away from four fairytale years at Loyola University Maryland where I studied and partied my face off. Needless to say, I perfected the work hard, play hard lifestyle. And like most other freshly graduated 22-year olds, I endured some major culture shock when I plummeted into the real world. As an enthusiastic psychology major, the only career goal I had was to make other people happy.

While I was stuck in this life questioning rut, my friends and family told me "Everything will work out for the best", and vaguely motivational sayings like "This is just a stepping-stone on your path to success". My personal favorite is when my mother would sing that old Doris Day song "Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be".

Of course, at the time I didn't believe them. How could life just naturally lead me to my dream job? I didn't even know what my dream job was until I discovered the Carrot Creative website. Right there, under the careers tab glowed the words "Happiness Coordinator". It was a sign from the universe! It was not only the cheery job title that captured my attention. It was the way Carrot portrayed itself. At last, here is a company that takes pride in producing the best work in its industry, while maintaining a fun and quirky atmosphere. The quintessence of work hard, play hard.

As soon as I started at Carrot, I knew that I not only found the job that I was meant to have. I also found a home with an incredible, supportive family that encourages me to be exactly who I am. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than bringing happiness to my fellow Carrots (by means of beer or otherwise).

I feel so lucky to have found my sense of direction, knowing that all of those cheesy sayings are really true. Everything does work out for the best. You just don't realize it until you find yourself exactly where you want to be.