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I'm a body language expert. So when I asked if Carrot had a ginger quota they were trying to fill by hiring me, I stared them down in search of the truth. NO WAY was I going to sell out and let just any agency reap all the benefits and inevitable global PR that naturally comes along with hiring someone that's borderline allergic to the sun. They insisted they weren't hiring me for my red hair, and that I wouldn't be a token ginger. I believed them. In fact, I soon learned that not only would they be upping their ginger percentage to 21.4% by hiring me (tax write-off), they (Bobby) were looking to get more efficient usage of the recently installed SPF 15 tint on the windows surrounding the ginger area (PERK).

Complex aside, it turns out they liked my experience and personality. OHHHHHH, that.

Previously I was a copywriter for several years at big and small agencies before I got an opportunity to leave 'banner land' to be the Social Media Agent internally for Six Flags. My enthusiasm for this was ridiculous. The opportunity to engage and get feedback daily from a Facebook community that is now over a million and start their Twitter from scratch was the breath of fresh air I had been looking for. Job responsibilities included riding roller coasters, schmoozing with tigers and tweeting the hidden location of skip-the-line passes.

Next I became the Social Media Manager at Kaplan Thaler Group for Wendy's (the only company with a ginger logo). There I wrote the content, strategy and managed the entire social community for Wendy's as well as developed a sassy, yet approachable first person voice for Frosty on Facebook.

So now that I've made 'the decision' to 'take my talents' to DUMBO as Creative Director of Carrot, I plan to help make this agency even more inspiring (so it doesn't feel like work), more collaborative (ANY Carrot can contribute), more fun (see quote wall) and deliver the most carroty flavored cake you've ever tasted.