The Carrot Blog

When I was asked to write a welcome post for the Carrot blog, I thought that I would detail my journey from a dead-end University where I dreamt of a future at Pixar, to an unbelievable life change that landed me in the New Media Design program at RIT. The next part of that would be how I ended up as this summer's UX Intern. I can only guess I was picked at Industry Day by the Carrot RIT alumni because I'm so weird; they did make me the only avatar to wear a red shirt. The following is solid proof to my socially awkward, hirable qualities:

  1. I'm a picky eater. Seriously; I don't eat any condiments or foods baked together ( like casseroles) or anything with tomatoes. Everything has to be separated.

  2. I know a LOT about Pixar. Fact: Boo's real name is Mary in Monster's Inc. AND, the number A113 is hidden in every Pixar film; it's the classroom number that many of the original animators were taught in at CalArts. (It also happens to be my apartment key number...wierd).

  3. I have broken 6 out of my 10 fingers; one by learning gymnastics and two others running into a doorknob and a stair railing.

  4. I don't play sports. (Redeeming quality: I DO watch them, especially football.)

  5. I don't dance, non-negotiable.

  6. I have carrot-colored shoelaces.

  7. I rotate which Starbucks I go to so the employees won't think I am a regular.

  8. I have dozens of "floaters" in my eyes that cause me to constantly see black dots everywhere. Which makes catching flies increasingly difficult.

  9. I had a recurring dream as a child that I was being chased by a godzilla-sized lobster.

  10. I HATE pancakes (but I love waffles).

I suppose all of this translates to my understanding of process, passion for UX and the desire to soak up as much as humanly possible in a summer at Carrot. Either way, I'm glad they saw something in me and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to prove them right.